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27th Jan // Rehersals going well //
Just like U2 the band need to do some work before the next set of shows. The guys are tucked away over the next few weeks working on the set for the new tour in 2018. Luckily enough MeGuiness has all the INSIDE info on the set ideas for the eXPERIENCE+iNNOCENCE U2 Tour 2018, hope we can pull it together! watch this space....AB

26th Jan // Airports and trains //
The band were just chatting and laughing about how they used to pass time in airports and train stations as they waited for the next leg ouf the journey on tour. Andy was asleep more time than awake, but nothing new there! Pete would pace up and down for hours. Dave and Rich though would laugh all day long! Great sign of a band that dont take things too seriousley but never let anyone down when onstage......

26th Jan // On Tour //
Like many great bands Achtung Baby have been tucked away working on some great new projects! But were back and pleased to announce that playing live is number one on the list of jobs to do ! Keep checking back for more news over the coming weeks!

25th Jan // A Warm Welcome //
The band would like to welcome all of the new comers that have visted the site over the last week and signed up to the mailing list. We will send out regular gig information along with news on upcoming projects and plans. Thankyou for the kind comments and see you all very soon!! AB

21st Jan // Europe at last- Germany Calling 2018 //
Watch This Space!

24th Dec // Rumour is .......2018 //
Who said your too old to learn?

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